Enterprise position

G represents Genuine
E represents Equality
O represents Oriental

Our corporate logo is a knowledge compass. We provide market analysis, and direction, as well as learned opinion and investment advise.
The Coin is a Chinese symbol of wealth.
GSL's core objective is to help clients to increase their wealth, and provide service to enhance corporate wealth.
The Logo encompasses the Chinese concept of Round Heaven and Square Earth, in the shape of a compass. GSL acts as the pilot in guiding clients with independent opinion and advice through the jungle of the financial market.

Professional Team

Our professional team is founded on the concept of professionalism, attention to client relationship, and win-win proposition for clients and us. We assembled a team of high standard professionals who act on the premises of risk control and high return. We build on the foundation of strong corporate governance to ensure long-term growth in investment and stability. We endeavor to realize the greatest return to clients, as well as social responsibility and value.

Flexible investment strategy

We follow the market closely and make investment decisions accordingly for the benefit of our clients. For example, between 20/5/2013 and 25/6/2013, the Hong Kong market fell sharply. Hang Seng index crashed 400 points during that period. We were able to sell down our clients' portfolio to enable our clients to profit even during a downturn. Our flexible strategy allows clients to profit from market fluctuation.

Famous market analysts as the head

Mr. Francis Lun has more than 20 years of experience in financial markets. He is a world famous stock analyst. He appears regularly on international media like CNBC, Bloomberg, Associated Press, Agence France, CCTV, TVB, NHK and so on. He is a most respected analyst in Hong Kong

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About Us
GEO Securities Limited will achieve customer value growth with excellent financial services, promote the advancement of the securities industry, and create an excellent enterprise with rich products, first-class service and outstanding capabilities, and ultimately become customers' trust, social respect and employee pride.
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